Why Jiu jitsu for your kids?

I try to pack as much into our kids classes as possible. Here is a list of just some of what Summit kids get to do and the benefits from martial arts training.

  • Interact with other kids in a fun and engaging activity, playing games and learning skills.
  • Learning essential self defense techniques so they can respond to being grabbed, picked up, bullied, or hit and respond in an effective manner so they can get stay safe and get help.
  • Grow in confidence of their ability to think, react, and respond in intense or stressful situations and confrontations.
  • Become role models. Gain leadership skills and patience by helping those younger or with less knowledge than them.
  • Physical training – Jiujitsu works on cardio, muscular endurance and strength, coordination, reflexes, and the list goes on.
Kids watching jiu jitsu
Kids training jiu jitsu
happy jiu jitsu

Why Summit Jiu jitsu?

Our kids program has a strong emphasis on socialisation, safety, anti-bullying, confidence building, and fun.

I’ve worked with kids in many different fields and have the experience to recognise their learning needs.

Balancing the fun with learning respect and developing their self defense skills is something I constantly strive for. It takes a lot of lesson planning, testing, and constant learning. We always give our best for the kids.