Hi there!  Welcome to Summit Jiu-jitsu.

If you’d like to contact me to ask questions first, please feel free to use the contact form HERE

If you’d like to know how to register with the club and get started and book your first class, then please continue with the following steps. First class is completely free and I’ll contact you beforehand to answer questions and confirm your booking.

1. Please fill out the contact form so that you exist in the database.  This is completely secure and only I access your information.  You won’t get any marketing.



Please do this ahead of time or I’ll have to get you to do it when you come in for class.

2. During the Covid19 restrictions, we need to adhere to a 10 people per class policy, so we are using a handy small easy app to book classes.   It is safe and secure, wont send you any marketing or ask for more information than your email.

Please grab the Spark Members App by clicking the link below for your preferred iPhone, iPad, Android phones or Android based tablet using the same name and email you did for the contact form.


This app is very safe and secure and just let’s you access all of summit jiu-jitsu’s services.

I will be using the Spark software from now on for the following:

• Attendance records
• Class bookings
• Billing (if you so choose, there are other options)
• Syllabus videos

Once you get the app it will ask you to select:

• Country (Australia)
• State (victoria)
• Club (Summit)
• Email

After that I have to promote you to Member on my end before you can see the classes etc, so give me some time to do that but then you can;

Select Class Schedule

• Select Date on Calendar
• Book up to 2 classes.
• you can only book 1 week in advance.

You’ll be able to ‘Log in’ your own attendance at the club for me to reduce the time it takes for me to take attendance. It will keep track of all your classes attended etc.

As time goes on I’ll keep adding things to the app to increase its functionality.

Any questions please contact me via text or email.
Thanks, and see you on the mats soon.

– Brian Way


Our Location

1/5 Clare Street, 
Bayswater, 3153


Call Us

0430 684 900