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What we teach

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Gracie Jiu-jitsu (GJJ) are grappling-based systems designed to teach you to protect yourself against bigger and stronger attackers and nullify their physical advantages.
Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable method to learn using a structured, progressive self-defence system that emphasises technique drilling and partner practice. We gradually increase the intensity over time as you are ready until you can spar against fully resisting training partners to build complete confidence in your ability and techniques.
This progression varies from person to person and is heavily focused on safety and also personal choice and comfort.  We want you to train at a level you are comfortable with and ready for.
As a Carlos Machado affiliate, we also include the Machado Method BJJ program into our curriculum.
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About Brian

Brian is a black belt in BJJ having trained since 2008. He received his black belt in 2021 from 8th degree coral belt Carlos Machado.

Brian also holds a brown belt in Aikido and a green belt in Judo.

• Qualified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach.

• Qualified Remedial Masseur.

• Cert IV in Training and Assessment

• Competition awards
4x AFBJJ Vic State Champion – Masters Blue Belt

• 2x Grappling Industries Vic State champion – Masters Purple.

• 2x IFBJJ Pan Pacific Champion – Masters Purple.

Teaching Jiu-jitsu for a living, I just feel so lucky, so fortunate that I get to share something I love so much with people and make new friendships every day. Watching the positive benefits and changes the training brings to peoples lives is a fantastic reward.

Brian Way
Frequently asked questions
Generally speaking the only difference is that Gracie Jiujitsu puts more emphasis on Self Defence using a carefully structured curriculum handed down by Helio Gracie. In contrast many Brazilian Jiu-jitsu schools have evolved a greater emphasis on techniques used in the growing sport of (competitive) Jiu-jitsu.
We offer a blend of both but lean towards Gracie Jiu-jitsu.

We start off learning techniques in a step by step method with a training partner at very low resistance until the mechanics of the technique are understood and you’ve had the chance to practice it multiple times.   Over time your partner can increase the resistance as you require by using more of their weight or using counters they have learnt that you then have to work through to further improve your understanding and effectiveness with the techniques.

Don’t worry, it’s still all about safety first! Sparring is always optional. When you are ready to spar we provide a safe environment and skilled training partners so you can test what you have learned.
The goal is to attempt to get into dominant positions,  escape from those positions, attempt to apply submission holds, and escape submission holds against a resisting opponent in a competitive but still friendly and productive way.
Your training partners are there to help you grow and develop when sparring, not beat you up.
If done right you can spend hours each week training this way without any more risk of injury than you’d expect in going to the gym or playing non-contact sports.

The Beginner/Fundamental classes are best, the General classes are also suitable.

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